Monday, April 29, 2013

Still Updating! February-April

For the girls birthday, Matt and I took them out on a date, then to build a bear. They have absolutely loved those bears!
Posing in the salon.
The girls had a cupcake party. It was cute. I pulled out every type of sprinkle and toppings in the cupboards that I could find. There was this cool glittery stuff that I had. And I went around at the end and sprinkled it on the kids cupcakes, and it made them all sparkly. It was cool. But when we were cleaning up, Matt asked if that was the stuff that I put on the cupcakes. I said, "Yeah, why?" He goes, "It's just regular glitter. It's not to eat."
So happy to have a lot of candy.
Asher was pretty good during the party. It's hard when you have to sit back and watch your little sisters get a ton of stuff.
This boy, not so much! He wanted to be rolling around in the cupcakes and candy on the table. He wasn't going to stop throwing a fit until we let him eat every piece of candy in sight.
When the kids moved over to open presents he just ate every one's cupcakes and candy.
Always happy, she is just fine with anything!
From one candy event to the next. I never got as much candy as a kid as these kids get. We had a little Easter egg hunt around the yard, and I hid some hard ones especially for Asher. He was really proud that he found them all.
He loves big shoes.
My tiny baby!
Sometimes all the starts align, and they will all play together happily. Asher was telling them stories and doing the actions to it with shadows. It was a cute moment.
In the tub with clothes AND shoes. He keeps me busy!
I told Asher that we sold our first house the other day, and he started crying because he missed his old room. It had stripes on the walls. So I painted his room here. I did 5 stripes instead of 7. I think I like it better.
It's so cute, Asher and the neighbor kids have really been into football and football cards. So it was a Bronco's party. That is his favorite team. (he's never watched football, so I don't know why it is, it just is) So we bought him a uniform, and Peyton Manning shirt. He told me that all of his friends were freaking out because he has such good cards.
Such an exciting time for him.
I had over 20 kids here for his party, and when I took this picture all 20 of them were quiet (except Piper). They were all eating, and just cute.
This is when all the older kids were freaking out about how good his cards were. This was a very proud moment.
At least he was happy during this party. He did cry until he could have a turn though.

These girls were so cute when they were helping me plant the garden. Averi ran in and got her watering can, and watered every seed we planted. Piper kept taking my gloves. So I had to come in and wash my hands in between everything that I planted.
I hate touching dirt, so I finally grabbed some hair coloring gloves. The girls were so fun helping me plant stuff. Here you can see the new trampoline Matt put in. He spent last week taking out the old one. Then making the hole a little bigger for this one. Even though we had a tramp, and now we just have a new one, it has been a main attraction for the neighborhood kids. There are always a lot of kids in our yard. I love it though!
All 4 kids going for a ride!
Piper got out of the tub, and must have found all the clothes that were too small, or I was done with. She's so tall! Those are 4T pants, and they just cover her knees.


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