Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A few Piper stories

Pipers prayer...Lately Piper's prayers go like this. "...I'm thankful for everyone in the family, and a few things, then I know the church is true. I know everyone, and I know everything. In the name of ...." Now she's shortened everything to, "I know everyone, and I know everything. In the name of..."

This last summer has been hard, because there are kids everywhere, ready to play. Usually that's good, but not if they are supposed to be doing something else. Piper had been sneaking off to friend's house without telling me. But, she lives behind us, so they have to hop the fence to get to her house. So, she knows that once she's over the fence she's home free, because I'm not going to hop the fence to find her. So after a few weeks of getting in trouble for sneaking away without telling me, I got mad. She was carrying her favorite bunny that Grandma Moore had given her. I said, "Piper, if you hop over that fence without telling me one more time I'm cutting your bunny's head off!" (I figured that she would be too scared to go back over) Well, 30 minutes later all the neighbor kids came running in the house, letting me know that she hopped the fence.

So, she came back in the house freaking out, because she didn't want me to cut the head off of her bunny. So, I called Matt and asked what I should do. No answers there. In the meantime, all the neighbor kids are standing around chanting, "Cut it's head off, cut it's head off!" So, I said, "Okay Piper, I won't cut it's head off, if you bring me 3 other toys, and I'll cut their heads off." So she had 3 toys in its place within 2 seconds. Then all of a sudden Averi's freaking out yelling, "NO!! Those are my toys!"

So, I had everyone leave. We picked out 3 of her toys, cut the heads off, and shed some tears. (I didn't, I hate toys!)  She has yet to hop the fence without telling me. I definitely recommend this parenting tactic. Just kidding, it was really the worst!